Apr 15 – Moab, UT (Kane Creek Canyon)

Had to pass on Kane Creek Canyon since it includes Hamburger Hill and no bypass. That’s a big no without 37s and a bigger lift. 🙂

Did Fins N Things on my own today. One of the easiest yet one of the most awesome trails in Moab. And it’s the one most folks start out with. So I kind of goofed around, at one point on the trail I tried all three descent options at a triple fork. I always tried the 2nd/3rd options, but never the first because it’s so damned steep! Finally did it, and it wasn’t bad.

Today EJS is having their raffle give aways. If I’m lucky, I’ll be driving home in a 2022 JLUR 4xe. Ha…at least I’ll finally pick up my registration packet. I picked up a free Tailgater Magnet bar. I also met Brittany and Kevin Williams of Lite Brite fame.

We to the Friday evening raffle. Didn’t win the Jeep 4xe. Didn’t in anything else. But had fun watching $210K of stuff be given away. Next year I’ll buy twice as many Teraflex tickets. 🙂