Jericho Mt with Evolution Jeep Alliance

I joined Evolution Jeep Alliance (EJA) this weekend for a planned long weekend trip to Mount Washington (Fri) and Jericho Mountain (Sat).

A few of us met in Allentown at 1300 on Thursday. We drove about four hours to Brattleboro, NH. We got there just as it was getting dark. We split up and went to our respective hotels or BnBs, had dinner, and rested up for Friday.

Video courtesy EJA, that’s me at 00:46. We are pulling into Jericho Mountain

Friday was a little anticlimactic, since it turned out Mount Washington was closed. We knew before we left, so everyone found a way to keep busy that day. I chilled and went to see Top Gun, and found a nice dinner spot.

On Saturday all met at the Moat Mountain Brewery parking lot and planned to hit the road at 0900. It took about an hour to get to Jericho Mountain. I was about 2/3 of the way back in the Jeep convoy, so I got to see folks watching the us drive by. Not sure if they were liking it or just annoyed.

Once we got to Jericho Mountain, we split into two groups. Most of the Jeeps were highly modified and capable, so they went to the black trail. Jeep Badge Of Honor rates the black trail up to 9 of 10. They decided to use GMRS channel 6.

Those of us in more modestly built Jeeps took the green trail. Two of the Jeeps had broken front driveshafts, and one older Jeep had overheating problems. Never saw coolant boiling before. They took the shorter green trail and I was happy to keep them company.

If it didn’t rain I probably would have done the entire green trail, even if it includes a portion of the black trail. But I’m not willing to take unnecessary risks on slippery rocks, not interested in unplanned body or drivetrain damage. Besides I haven’t gotten around to relocating my steering stabilizer, so it’s in it’s stock position (too low). So three of us waited in the parking lot for the black group to return.

My GMRS lets me monitor two channels, so I was able to hear the few green group folks making their way back to the lot. The black group had excellent spotting, but had to winch a few times, as expected. I heard one Jeep slipped off a rock and is pinned to a tree.

We eventually all got out safely and met in the parking lot. I latched on to a small group heading to North Conway. A small blue car decided to squeeze into the convoy, almost hitting one of us. He eventually peeled off. Boy it’s folks like that who shouldn’t be licensed to drive.

I stayed at the 1880s School House Inn on Saturday night for $8 (had a free night at They have an old restored gas pump in the lobby. The price hasn’t changed in a couple years.

I had breakfast at Banner’s, a little earlier than the group that’s convoying back home. Best omelettes ever! I had some time to kill so I topped off gas and air, and tidied up the cargo area. Including blowing out all the annoying flying cottonwood things. Did I have too much coffee?

I made use of the extra Strachits and used them to secure everything. There wasn’t much to secure since it’s a short trip, but that just meant there were more tie down loops available on the Goose Gear platform.

The EJA club seems very friendly and welcoming. They’re experienced, capable Jeepers. I’m impressed, and I hope to join them again.