EJS Day 2 – Poison Spider Mesa

I’ve done Poison Spider a couple times, but today was the best. Not a cloud in the sky and temps in the 60s.

Got to the start an hour early. Within minutes there were dozens of Jeeps. plenty of time to air down, feed and walk Koda, cleaned off the windows and mirrors, and fine tuned how the Jeep was loaded.

I thought I knew Poison Spider, but now I know there are bypasses in most of the hard spots. I saw the winch spot that I used two years in a row, drilled into a huge rock. This year a spotter showed me the right line, so I didn’t need to use it. It was scary but very doable.

Got back around 1500 so it was a long day. I’m stopping at City Market to get a sammish for tomorrow’s lunch. I’ve been making breakfast and dinner in the Jeep’s kitchen.

I probably won’t need to do laundry for a few days but if it isn’t too cold I might anyway. That said it’s dinner time!