EJS Day 4 – Gold Bar Rim

Koda taught me how to fly today. I’m just gonna leave this here while I lick my wounds.

Today’s ride is rated 6 and had one obstacle that is notorious for destroying front bumpers. Its called “Waterfall”. It’s a 5 foot high boulder with a 45 degree incline. Two door Jeeps have a harder time than four door Jeeps. As unbelievable as it nay sound, it’s harder to go down than it is to go up.

“Rear bumpers are replaceable.” – Me being positive
Here is an identical Jeep going up Waterfall

Someone captured my pucker moment going down Waterfall. Some folks captured us going up. Once they post to the EJS Facebook page I can grab the clip, with their permission of course.

I didn’t get any pictures of Golden Crack. By the time I recognized it, it was too late. Happy to report my Mopar lift handled it with ease. Here is a video I found on the web.

Tomorrow’s we will do Backwards Bill, which is rated 5.