EJS Day 6 – Cameo Cliffs

Today was an easy ride rated 4. The drive to and from the trail was about 25 miles each way. Temperature was in the 30-40 degrees. Though at the 6,000 foot elevation it felt colder, and up there we saw some snow. The distant snow covered mountain range added nice contrast to the trail.

We had about 30 Jeeps and a Durango that had no trouble keeping up. There was one mechanical, a blue TJ that appeared to have an alternator or camshaft issue, depending on who you asked. The driver had to park it and jump into another Jeep, and likely come back in the evening to get it towed in to get it fixed.

Koda had a great time, jumping onto every new person, some kids, and a couple dogs. he was pretty well behaved. I think he likes it here. So glad I brought him with me! He was excited when we got up and prepared for the day’s ride.

Since it was an easier ride, I was able to take lots of pictures. Below are the ones I selected of the bunch.

Tomorrow we will do Fins and Things again. You read that right. I came so close to securing a Golden Spike slot, but I missed out. So I had to select from what was left. No regrets, its a fun ride!