EJS Day 8 – Top Of The World

One of the most most iconic trails in Moab, with a 1,500 foot high ledge that people from around the world come to for a classic picture. Jeep rates this trail 6-8 of 10. 32” tires are recommended but lockers and a winch are not required.

I’ve done this trail before. I can’t imagine doing it with less than 35” tires and a 2” lift. There are lots of challenging spots, and several spots where you would bottom out if you didn’t pick the perfect line.

The money shot. I wonder if Koda knew we were on a 1,500 foot high ledge?

When we stopped for lunch my Jeep was on an weird incline that prevented me from accessing the back of the Jeep to get to my lunch. A tailgate with a 35” mounted tire is too heavy to stay open at that angle. I radioed the Gunner and he quickly got the owner to move it so I could level out. That was a fun reminder to park level at lunch stops.

It was an eight hour day, but Koda loved it. He got to mingle with the other dogs and the folks on the ride. We had excellent gunners, great spotting, beautiful views. It was a fun day!