Northwest OHV Park, Texas

Nice place though IMO there aren’t enough trail markings to follow the trails without accidentally finding yourself going from a green (easiest) to a red (hardest) trail. So some of us found ourselves doing u-turns on narrow trails. Not a big deal though. Glad it’s only 55 miles from home.

It was hot and humid. I had the AC on and was having a lot of fun so I didn’t take many pictures or videos. Lots of mud holes to splash through and some decent inclines and declines on the green trails.

Koda enjoyed bouncing around his strapped down (very safe and secure) Ruffland kennel, looking forward to the day he can sit in the front passenger seat.

Glad I didn’t forgot to check in for the BOH. I hope to come back with a group next time.

It’s amazing what three minutes with a pressure hose can do. The touch-less car wash is closed today, so I plan to go there in the morning to give it a proper bath.