Apr 02 – PA to WV

500 miles in 10 hours. Lots of breaks. I stuck to the speed limit. 15.8 MPG, not bad with the roof top tent.

This KOA is right by the highway. I sleep like a rock, but those dummies racing their obnoxiously loud jalopies are annoying.

I finally installed the outdoor carpet in the RTT. The 3.5” self inflating mattress pad beats the heck out of the 2” stock foam mattress.

Apr 01 – Packing the Jeep

This year’s trip will be roughly 2,200 miles from PA to UT. I’ll be staying at KOA every night, to help compensate for the ridiculous price of gas. 🙂

Packing is a huge PITA, but I’m getting better at it every year. I made sure I had real overlanding boxes so I could secure, seal, and label my stuff. Two Front Runner Wolf Pack containers, two Front Runner Cub Pack containers, and two Expedition 134 containers for the bigger stuff.

I forgot to order Front Runner Stratchits, so I had to run to Home Depot to get a few cheap rachet straps to hold things until I find a store that has them in stock. Stratchits are so much better, since they’re slightly elastic, they don’t come loose when you’re offroad. I’m passing several overlanding shops that sell them, so I should have them by the time I get to Moab.

Both RotopaX 2 Gallon fuel containers and my 5LB propane tank are full and secured to the back wheel. Secured by a bicycle lock. The fridge is packed with sanwiches, drinks, and fruit. The 5 gallon water container is full of clean water.

I took a few minutes to install the Mopar Xtreme Fender Flare Extensions, so I don’t get pulled over for my tires sticking too far out. I ran out of time, so I didn’t get to install the 24″ adhesive outdoor carpet tiles inside the tent. I really want to leave the 2″ foam mats behind, this way I can store my Mountain Summit Gear 3.5″ R6 rated self inflating mattress pad, and my Big Agnes expanding sleeping bag, inside the iKamper when I’m moving.

Tires are inflated to the recommended 36psi, thanks to my ARB CKMTA12 dual compressor (mounted under the passenger seat), and my MOREFlate quad hose kit. I think I’m all set. I’m ready to sleep, gotta get up at 0600 and be on the road by 0700.