Day 4: Rain, Sucio, rust, Kinfolk MC, Infidels MC

Odometer is at 19,211. Sucio is purring like a kitten, thanks to Comanche Cycles in Simi Valley, CA!


Today’s route was pretty straight forward, even though the road was mostly straight, it had enough curves and slight rollers to keep it interesting. Not even close to being a big boring interstate:

Oh, it rained, just a bit. I’m loving Carrot for iOS , snark and all!

The rain ruined my iPhone charging setup. The SAE to USB adapter rusted out. So did the long cable I had attached to it. Both went into the trash.

I think I’ll use my power packs for now, and get the bike wired so the USB cable is under the seat as some have suggested.


Is it me, or is Sucio looking happier than a pig in shit ?!

While I was at a gas station, I met some Kinfolk MC guys (1%) who were riding to Dallas. They allowed me to hang with them since I was heading in the same direction. Of course I stayed in back out of respect to their group.

This was the first time riding side by side, instead of staggered. Somehow it felt safer than staggered. Despite doing 75 on wet highway roads. It was an awesome experience.

On the next gas stop we saw some Infidels MC guys. For some reason I thought they were a 1% club too. I didn’t know what to expect. The guys in the two clubs didn’t know each other, but they were quick to meet and greet. Man the level of brotherhood was awesome to witness. #respect

The Kinfolk MC leader gave me his card, told me to keep in touch, and I do plan to. Out of respect I won’t show the other side that has the leader’s contact name and number. After topping off we headed back on the road and I peeled off a few miles later.


The rest of the route from Simi Valley, CA to Orlando, FL is undefined at the moment. I decided to pick a route each morning, splitting the rest of the trip into 3 days. This way I can avoid any potential Category 4 hurricanes, and any roads that were swept out to sea.

Day 3: Rain, Odessa, and work

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Today started with light rain. So much for weather forecasts.

I put on my rain jacket, but dummy me, forgot to put on the rain pants. Never knew how heavy a fully soaked pair of jeans can get. 🙂 Boots got soaked too, enough that I was able to pour out water once I got to a hotel.

I only did about 220 miles, since I got a call from my team asking me to stop and help fix a shell script. Figured I’d camp out here in Odessa. Found a cheap hotel room (*), logged in and resolved the issue.

Ordering food now. Hoping I can catch the new Myans M.C. episode.

Tomorrow I’ll complete the trip to Irving, TX, but I might extend it  a bit since I no longer need to stop there. I originally planned to possibly squat at our corporate office for a day.

(*) Hotels so far were $58 (Tue) and $67 (Wed) and $59 (Thu). All were 2 star; guest rating of 3.5 or higher.



Day 2: Late start, then drizzle

I got a late start today, unfortunately the only pictures I have are screenshots of the weather forecast (50 mph complete with snide remark, thanks Carrot!), and of the route (thanks Bad Elf!).

Thanks to a wealth of feedback and mentorship from Society of Riders, I have finally overcome my fear of riding in the rain.

That, and I was freezing my fucking ass off and wasn’t about to stop.

The first half of the ride went smoothly, humming along between 80-90 MPH, but it was sunny and dry (I try not to go more than 10 MPH over the speed limit).

The second half was rain, well, drizzle. So I slowed to 10 mph under the speed limit. That was, until other motorcyclists, cars, and truck zoomed past me at the speed limit (80 MPH) or faster. So I brought it back up to the speed limit and didn’t have a problem.

When I got within 100 miles of the Red Roof Inn in Van Horn, TX, the temp was dropping down to the mid 50’s. I stopped for gas one last time, and I bought a coffee. Well, the coffee ended up being free. The guy behind the counter was probably thinking “What kind of dumb fuck rides a motorcycle in the rain?”

This dumb fuck. I’m a firm believer in riding the shit out of my bike.

Plus, this all makes me a bad ass. 🙂

Well, unless you see someone riding a wheelie across the whole US. The. Whole. Fucking. Country.

Compared to him, I’m a pussy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note to self…put on rain suit before it rains.

Day 1, Part 1: Early start…then ChapMotor happened

17,788 on the odometer.

Packed and finally heading out.

Wait. Something’s not right in the back. The helmet doesn’t seem to be attached securely. I better stop at Chaparral Motorsports, since it’s on the way

And rain pants. Gotta have rain pants. You never know, a torrential storm can happen, right? Thats right, it isn’t always drought’y here in SoCal.

Rule #1. Never stop at this place early in the morning on the first day of your cross country trip.

This place is so fucking huge, you need a bottle of Gatorade and a Powerbar just to get to the other side. It’s the Cabela’s of the motorcycle world.

I gave myself 30 minutes. That’s it. Not a minute more. Got it?!

Well, as Tiny would say: “When I went to school 30 minutes was one half hour…NOT a full hour!”

Well, I found what I needed. Rain pants and a helmet net. A full hour was needed because there is always the possibility the next isle will have the perfect helmet net…or rain pants.

Wait. Wat? No rain pants in the All Terrain Vehicle section? Well I’ll be damned. Who would’a thunk it.

Aha! The next isle should have helmet nets. I mean what kind of shop doesn’t store helmet nets in the Oakley section?

Ok, I know, back on the road…after I take a picture of the valley hills I’m passing…

…and after a late breakfast at Denny’s.

PS Shout out to all who gave me so much valuable advice on gear, packing, planning, etc.

Last ride with Society of Riders before relocating to Florida


This is my last weekend in California. What better way to spend it than to ride with my favorite club Society of Riders. Easy ride today, from Simi Valley, to Ojai.

This brings my total to 17,697 so far. The cross country ride is roughly 2,500, so figure I’ll hit 20,000 by the time I hit Florida.


I’ll be clearing out the garage tomorrow and hopefully getting to sleep early to get a good night’s sleep for the first day of riding on Tuesday.

I know what direction I’m heading, but I’m deciding each daily route the night before. This way I can account for weather.