Apr 10 – Moab, UT (Top Of The World)

Top Of The World has been on my list for a while, but it’s 30 miles from Moab, and is rated closer to Hard than Moderate, so I never tried it. Well that changed today. 🙂

With a total of 60 miles spent on the road, and a not very scenic but demanding trail to the top, not much to take pictures of. The goal today was to drive to edge of a cliff and have my picture taken. #gulp

Now I always wondered how the photo thing worked. I mean I’m on the edge of a cliff. Who is taking the picture and HOW?! Is a drone used? Is someone on another mountain with a really big lens?

Well as it turned out, there is a landing about 50 feet from the cliff, but just a little lower. You can hand someone your iPhone or camera and hope they don’t drop it (or fall off) while they photograph you from the landing. Or you can luck out and a commercial photographer is there to take your picture. Luck was on my side.

Steven Talley, of Expedition Builds (who is also a commercial photographer) was there taking everyone’s picture. All in all, another great day. I’m really digging Easter Jeep Safari 2022!